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Here’s to 15 Years? Already?

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15 Years? 15 years? Ago right? 15 years since the Mozilla Project came into being. Financed at Netscape along with seed funding of $3 million USD from AOL in 2003. Releasing Firefox 1.0 in September 2004 with Thunderbird soon thereafter. Even having something to do with RSS.

Firefox, Thunderbird and others have come a long way since being launched as part of the Mozilla Project along with a whole list of other projects that still use the Mozilla framework to function.

As you may or may not know, I came into the Mozilla Project via the Netscape browser. Running it as an alternative to the browser with the blue ‘E’ and then as a complete alternative when starting out with Linux, eventually migrating over to Firefox from Netscape completely across platforms.

Around 2005/2006 I was getting used to the add-on writing process also thanks to a bare bones add-ons starter kit from Ted Mielczarek (thanks btw!) So I wrote a few add-ons using basic JavaScript/CSS and some HTML including one for forcing secure HTTPS for social sites (the EFF shortly thereafter announced HTTPSEverywhere – grrr! j/k)

Then something happened around 2007, (No, I don’t mean the Thunderbird issue!) from a certain Finnish telecommunications company talking about ‘mobile Internet tablets’ and something called MicroB which was essentially a Mozilla-based micro browser. This appeared courtesy of the Maemo project (a Nokia Debian-Linux based mobile OS) back then in 2007 for the Nokia N770 Internet tablets and then later the N800/N810 (2007 – 2008) and then the N900 (2009).

A rough history outline would be:

2007 – Mozilla based MicroB appears on the N770 platform.

2008 – The first Firefox build (along with MicroB) appears for the N800/N810.

2009 – Firefox appears for N900 platform (alongside stock MicroB, up to ver. 7.0)

2010 – Mozilla discusses the Android platform.

2011 – First public Mozilla builds appear for Android (ARMv6), later focus is switched to ARMv7 but ARMv6 included later.

2011 – Nokia launches the successor device to the N900; the N9, Firefox builds (community maintained) appear shortly afterwards.

2012 – Mozilla bring stability and speed to Firefox on Android and later start including ARMv6 allowing for legacy handset usage.

It’s been a long way and most exciting I’m looking forward now to FirefoxOS taking off as the first handsets are due to be rolled out as well as the web being the platform and more focus is shifted to HTML5 being used as the central platform especially with other HTML5-centric platforms like Sailfish and Ubuntu are looking to join in. There have been other open platforms as well including the re-formed former Nokia/Intel venture MeeGo (appearing on the N9) and later reformed into Tizen which is currently developed by Samsung.

There are also many new avenues that Mozilla is working into as the web evolves especially with the user being the central core whether it be death by check boxesuser privacy/security or playing next-gen games in the browser.


Firefox – Twitter/Facebook

Mozilla Links

Mozilla History

Mozilla Bookmarks

Here’s to 15 Years of a Better Web | The Mozilla Blog.


“News of my Demise has been Greatly Exaggerated”…

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And after a short hiatus, I have returned to posting! Having been away as devs are for development reasons over different platforms – Firefox, N900 and finally MeeGo and the confirmed Nokia N9 with MeeGo Harmattan 1.2 (Maemo viewers will know that Harmattan was also the code name for Maemo 6.0)

Firefox 4.0 and 5.0 have come and been released including the new Do-Not-Track feature as ell as the regular goodies under the hood for web developers.

I shall also return to regular weekly postings under this blog.

MeeGo’s Impact

19/07/2010 Leave a comment

MeeGo (the conversion of the Maemo project as well as Moblin into a open source OS for mobile device not just MID’s) Has certainly come a long way in the space of what could be termed a few short months. In reality, it was longer but still worth it!

I look forward to what MeeGo promises to be: a lightweight, efficient, workable OS designed for the mobile platform and not encumbered with patents that others have had issues with.

The addition of Mobile Firefox (AKA Fennec) 1.1 being released also promises more in terms of what the mobile web can offer and soon offer web designers/developers as well as the future of content on the mobile platform.

Maemo 5.0 AKA Nokia N900 is go!

15/10/2009 1 comment

I’m back! After a busy time away I’m back in the flesh.

And when I say busy, I MEAN busy. We’ve the odd one or two things happen then but it’s official! The Nokia N900 containing the new Maemo 5.0 AKA Fremantle OS is now official and on the way to release.

The new MID (Mobile Internet Device) will be part cellphone and part MID. In the US, I believe the carrier will be T-Mobile however, I am unsure of the others within other territories.

What about Mozilla? The new N900 will come with a Mozilla-based browser as with the previous incarnations like the N800 and the N810 models. Will it be a new browser? I cannot say as I have not tested it yet.

And speaking of Mozilla, a new version of Fennec the mobile browser AKA mobile Firefox for the mobile device device (MID’s, cellphones) platform has released version 1.0 beta 4. Congrats!

Mauku 0.6.2 Released

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For those of you having a problem with the open source microblogging client for the Maemo platform a release is now available!


Mauku – The micro-blogging client for Maemo devices.

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Maemo Harmattan keynote at GCDS

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The Nokia Maemo Harmatten address at the Gran Canaria Desktop Summit took place earlier.

The new Harmatten AKA Maemo’s next iteration after Fremantle framework will use a Qt-based framework while being based on GNOME technologies.

As reported:

The goal is to offer an open, efficient and compelling Linux mobile stack with a cross-platform Qt API used also by Symbian and available in other mobile and traditional operating systems. Hopefully a successful step helping free software projects collaborating with each other and also helping free software developers reaching millions of potential users.

The audio is available for download (be warned, 25mins long) as well as slides.

Maemo Harmatten keynote at GCDS

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New soon launching!

16/04/2009 Leave a comment

That right maemo fans! The newly designed site is ironing out the design bugs and Will be launching on April 22nd (Wednesday). The newly deisgn interface to the maemo project will arrive soon! – Community Council: New soon to launch!.

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